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My Story


Margaux is the realization of a lifelong dream, or I should say it’s an inevitability. My most vivid early memory involves waking up in the wee hours of the morning to the sound of metal sliding across solid wood, mingled with short crunching noises. Climbing out of bed, I would follow the yellow glow of the dining room light, perch myself on the bench along our dining table, and watch my mother gracefully glide her scissors through the fabric that was draped across the table. She would then roll the cut pieces of the garment into a neat package and tie a bow around it. Next, she would spread another piece of fabric on the table, selvedges together, right sides facing, then flip through her measurement book to the name of the next client who would soon receive a unique garment made to their precise dimensions and taste. Thus, began my fashion education. Through keen observation, and careful instruction I learned how to measure, make patterns, cut, sew, interpret designs, understand textiles, and transform a raw material into a personal expression.


Throughout my life, designing and sewing has been the default activity to keep me grounded and centered, whether making garments for myself, or for family and friends. It is the one thing that I can picture myself doing for as long as I can. I love textiles! In fact, I am a fabric addict. Entering a fabric store fills me with tremendous excitement about the many possibilities rolled up in each bolt of fabric. Absorbing the colors, patterns, and textures is an unmatched sensory experience.


Designing my first collection for the public has brought me an immense amount of happiness. I have carefully selected wonderful natural fiber textiles in warm earthy tones, and whimsical prints. The silhouettes are classic with a modern presentation.  The designs are very relatable. My hope is that they will appeal to a wide range of women. 



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